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Pourquoi le FB4 est le bon choix pour les Designers lumière


If you’re a lighting designer that is interested in controlling your own laser system, then Pangolin’s FB4 Media Server is a great option, here’s why…

Direct control of lasers from a lighting console

Easily control your lasers from all of the known lighting consoles (MA, HOG, Chamsys, etc) using various control protocols such as DMX or ArtNET. All without the need to have a PC running in the background.

See FB4 in action at Prolight+Sound Frankfurt 2019!

Custom content creation

The fun doesn’t stop there. All Pangolin control hardware includes QuickShow laser light design software completely free! Enabling you to create your own custom content, such as logos, graphics, text, shows, and more. All of which can be exported to your FB4 and controlled directly from your lighting console. Providing you with an endless stream of content for your events!


BEYOND Server on desktop, mobile device, and lighting console

If you only want the best out of your laser system, and want to take your shows to the next level, then you’ll want to use BEYOND Server. A custom function of our BEYOND software, which is known as BEYOND server, which allows the software to act as a processing unit so you can run incredible amounts of laser projectors and even create your own custom content on the fly. All while still controlling everything from a lighting console.

FB4 Scan-Fail (Scan Guard) pour le balayage du public
Comment contrôler rapidement vos lasers FB4 depuis une console lumière



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