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Chemical Brothers “Born in the Echoes Tour” – By ER Productions

With the release of their first studio album in five years, Born in the Echoes, The Chemical Brothers are back with their trademark laser show and heavy dance beat. The use of lasers has been a predominant force at Chemical Brothers shows. In fact the duo still utilize two 10-watt lasers they have personally owned for years. The production also carries 3 x 30-watt lasers and 2 x 21w All Taipan from E R Productions (, which they stagger across the stage for a huge display of stunning laser effects.

Two large robots stand upstage on each side. Each robot was outfitted with ER Productions Beamburst Laser unit to emit laser beams from the robots eyes. Because of the many shows scheduled for the tour, most of the lights and lasers were designed to be layered on the floor, as a unique package that can be easily rolled on and off stage with minimum setup time. Pangolin’s BEYOND software configured with SMPTE Timecode runs everything that they carry, from lights to lasers and video.

Show Tech

Two ARCTOS 10w 15 years old laser projectors owned by the Chemical Brothers were accompanied by ER Production’s 4 x BeamBurst lasers and 5 scanning laser heads.

Timecode synchronized with Pangolin’s industry leading BEYOND software and FB4 network hardware control all of the lasers on this tour.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 9.16.34 PM
Contrôle du Show Laser - BEYOND, grandMA2, FB4 et Projecteur Laser ClubMAX
Tournée mondiale ZEDD "True Colors"



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