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Tournée mondiale de Muse 2019 "Simulation Theory"

Muse Simulation Theory World Tour

The widely popular English rock band Muse, is no stranger when it comes to huge stadiums and giant laser shows. After announcing their next world tour “Simulation Theory” in February, Muse hit the road to bring the madness to their first leg, the USA.

Lasers & SFX

Providing lasers and SFX is the same team that broke the World Record Laser Show, the one and only ER Productions. This isn’t ER’s first world tour with Muse either, they’ve traveled many times with Muse for other huge productions such as their 2ND Law World Tour, and Resistance World Tour.

Muse Simulation Theory World Tour

Powering the huge neon extravaganza, ER brought a nice arsenal of their own high-end laser fixtures, many of which contain Pangolin’s FB4 Media Server. The upstage setup was rigged onto a DMX lifting column and the data feedback was fed directly into a Pangolin BEYOND Universe, allowing for in-depth control of the laser projectors and the safety aspect of the system.

Muse Simulation Theory World Tour

The USA Arena Leg of the world tour has just been finished, in the start of May ER will travel with Muse across the seas for the next leg in European stadiums.

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