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Katy B

Lasers added a dance-infused atmosphere with some striking aerial effects, to Katy B’s recent performance at the Camden’s Roundhouse in UK.

Katy’s huge stage presence and rich bass filled sound was accompanied by cleverly choreographed dancers, as well as the imagination of Lighting Designer Tom Campbell, who used lasers to make this show feel bigger and bolder than ever before.

A wide-range of laser effects were programmed by the team at AC Lasers for the show, including broad sweeping sheets and single beam projections, that were timed perfectly to the beat. All lasers were controlled remotely, with safety being the top priority.

“We’ve split the projection areas to above and below the audience so wherever you’re seated in the venue you get an excellent view. It’s quite immersive, while still maintaining a high level of safety” explained Daniel Briggs from AC Lasers.

The addition of lasers was so successful, that Katy B also decided to use them for the making of her new Crying for no Reason video.

Show Tech:

Two QM2000.NET systems running Pangolin’s LivePro software were used to control two RTI Piko-RGB-14 lasers for this event.

Electric Daisy Carnival – Mexico City 2014



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