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Metallica (par ER Productions)

World-leading rock band Metallica is known for their high energy tours and show performances. And they (as so many others) realize, that nothing says “HIGH ENERGY” better than a laser light show.

So when Metallica set out on their latest “Metallica 2015” world tour, they once again decided to add high-power lasers to the mix, and worked together with the outstanding team at ER Productions, to bring this visual sensation to life.

ER Productions has been the “go to” choice for Metallica, for laser show programming and effects, for many years. And on the 2015 tour, ER went all out, brining in several hundred watts of pure OPSL laser light, all programmed using the new Pangolin BEYOND software, and FB3QS and FB4 network hardware.

The tour is currently heading through Germany, and then stops in Austria, Italy and other EU locations, before heading to the United States, Norway, Sweden, Russia and ending in the UK. For more information about the 2015 tour, visit Metallica’s website:

For more information about ER Productions, and their award-winning work in the laser display industry, visit

Show tech

ER Productions used a combination of 5 x 21w RGBB OPSL systems, 6 x TRIPAN OPSL systems, and 2 x YBB OPSL systems, all Powered by Pangolin’s new BEYOND software, and FB3QS and FB4 hardware.

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