Logiciel de Show Laser BEYOND – Outils PangoScript Avancés et Universe

BEYOND laser show software is revolutionizing laser control, for thousands of people around the world. The advanced PangoScript and Universe tools inside the program allow you as a client to customize BEYOND, to meet your own specific show needs and requirements.

In this latest tutorial from Nathan Miller, you can learn some advanced programming and setup techniques, that can be used when working with BEYOND PangoScript and the BEYOND Universe. These features can be implemented to create your own custom commands, for protocols like DMX, ArtNet, OSC and SMPTE timecode.

With many of these advanced tools, we are now also seeing clients using BEYOND for more than just “laser show control” and the software is evolving into a true multimedia control platform in that regard. For control of lasers, video, lighting and more.

If you have any specific tutorial requests, we also invite your feedback. Shoot us a message using our contact form, and let us know more about your requests for future tutorial videos.

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