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Timecore – The Master of Timecode Tasks


We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new product to our inventory called “Timecore”. The device is developed and created by Visual Productions to aid in preforming tasks related to timecode.

What is Timecore?

Timecore is a compact device that is designed to handle all tasks that are related to timecode. It can generate, follow, convert, and display timecode signals, while even being able to handle a number of non-timecode protocols.

Timecore can be set as a master or slave, either generating or receiving timecode, which it can output in real-time on the build-in LED display.


Timecore Specifications:

  • Timecode master, slave & converter
  • Timecode display
  • 2 user-definable push-buttons
  • MTC MIDI timecode
  • Art-Net timecode
  • TCP
  • UDP
  • OSC
  • Art-Net
  • sACN
  • MIDI notes, MMC, MSC
  • Show Control function
  • Compatible with Kiosc
  • Desktop or DIN Rail mounted
  • PoE Class I

The Benefits To Timecore VS Other SMPTE Devices

Timecore is more than just your typical timecode device, as it has the ability to generate and receive timecode in multiple protocols, which creates a pathway for easier timecode laser shows.

Controlling FB4 Products & Multiple BEYOND Devices

Previously, you were unable to use FB4-Controlled-Lasers directly with a device such as our TC4000, as it only decodes SMPTE (LTC) and uses MIDI to input into BEYOND. 

With the Timecore, now will now have the ability to receive and transmit timecode using the Art-Net Protocol, meaning you will be able to control all your laser projectors using timecode from a lighting console without the need for BEYOND software.

BEYOND software can also communicate using the Art-Net Protocol, creating the ability for you to control all of your PC’s which are running BEYOND software, and sync them together with just a single Timecore device.

And fun doesn’t stop there.

Remote Setup & Control with the Web-Interface


Timecore features an entire Web-Interface for setup, which will allow you to remotely access and manage devices from a network. Timecore in itself is a full-fledge computer, featuring a built web-server that allows you to communicate with other Timecore devices, and preform various functions such as firmware update, assign IP-Addresses, and more.

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