FB4 is a new network hardware control platform from Pangolin. The version you see here, and that was released at PLS Frankfurt, is called the FB4.  This is just the first of many different FB4 hardware options to come.

FB4 will support our BEYOND and QuickShow software, and features a “modular” hardware design, that can be customized, to meet your needs. 

You will notice that the hardware has optional ILDA (in and through) and DMX/RDM (in and through) daughterboards. These can be added to the main board or removed, depending on your specific show requirements. This also has implications on the price of the system… If you don’t need the daughterboards, the price is a bit less. FB4 works with DMX, ArtNET, OSC, RDM, as well as MIDI, and we’re also implementing CITP in the future, for the display on cues and content on popular lighting consoles like the GrandMA, HOG, etc. 

With FB4, you can run in “streaming mode” from our software. Meaning you simply have your PC running the software, and run a network cable from the PC, to the FB4. But you can also do much more… The hardware has on-board SD card memory as well. So you can create your show, cues, workspace, etc. in our software, and then you can export this to the hardware’s SD card, and then trigger it remotely via DMX or ArtNet, as well as being able to control the show and effects from a lighting console or DMX control board. In addition to that, you can also create your content, and then export to the SD card, and then trigger the show from the display on the back of the hardware, in “auto-play” mode. The auto-play feature also has a built in clock, so that shows and content can start and stop at a given time, automatically, without the need of having to physically press play.

The first FB4 units are shipping at the end of May, and we are accepting pre-orders now! More information is also available on the FB4 product page. If you have any questions, or need additional information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 
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